Pamper yourself when you are dining for one! Make it an experience just for you!

If you’re home a lot and want to eat something, do you make something quick or have left overs? I’m going to give you some reasons to go all out when you are dining alone!

We missed the office banter, our escape from home. But are we going to miss working from home?

After being stuck at home for months on months, we were feeling bored. We wanted to see our colleagues, sit in our comfy office desk and have a laugh with our work wives/husbands. Now that working from home is part of our lives, the office life has become a distant memory…

Depending where you are in the world, offices are slowly starting to open up and people are drifting back to meeting up with their colleagues.

Do employees want to go back…

With a lot going on in the world, we need to be kinder to ourselves and here is why!

There’s a lot of pressure to continue our lives even when we aren’t feeling it. We need to eat healthily, exercise frequently, work full time, have a social life, look good and not forgetting making our living space look livable and if you have children and family, looking after them too. That is a lot of pressure!

So if we have takeaway one day instead of a healthy meal, have instant noodles, not exercise every day, it’s fine! If you are…

We’ve conducted exit interviews or we’ve sat down in one with the HR department or an old manager. But is it worth it for your organisation?

Firstly what are exit interviews? They are meetings which take place with employees who are leaving the organisation. Normally this is for employees who are leaving voluntarily. A manager or a member of the HR team will sit down with them and ask questions. What are the reasons for leaving? Tell us about your new job? Rate your manager. Rate the business. Rate the development you had at the company. This is great to…

Depending on your situation, it is best to leave on a good note. You never know when you’ll see someone again..

This goes for both leaders and employees, parting on a good note should be the aim. Sometimes it’s unavoidable such as if there is a disciplinary or a performance issue. Below are the reasons why leaders and employees should leave on a good note:

Finding something that is you and sparks that fire in you is a must! Do something you can be completely selfish with and you love.

What is a hobby? The definition is “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.” This can be anything which you do which makes you happy!

Having a hobby is important, it can be one or multiple things that you enjoy. Having something you love doing for fun is worthwhile. You may not get paid for doing it and you might not have a lot of time to do it. However, when you…

Many of us are working from home, as Leaders you can get the most of your employees with these tips.

Working from home is now considered part of most office workers lives. Our bedrooms, spare rooms, kitchens and living rooms have turned into make shift offices. Our working life has morphed into our personal lives. We don’t see our colleagues and perhaps haven’t seen them in a long time. The only way we see them is on a pixelated screen whilst shouting “you’re on mute”. As a Leader it can be hard to manager remotely, normally you would walk to…

If you are not used to spending time alone, here are reasons why you should and what you could do.

Depending on the type of person you are, you either like spending time alone or you don’t. If you do like spending time alone, sometimes it can be tough to get that time alone.

It is great to spend that time alone and I will tell you why you 5 reasons why need to start and make time for it:

Making mistakes is part of everyone’s career journey. As leaders, do you encourage or chastise employees when they happen?

Making mistakes is part of life. We all make them. We make them whilst cooking, with our impulsive purchases, fashion, with our friends, relationships and generally in life. We learn from our mistakes and this enables growth in our lives. We know not to repeat the mistakes and it builds character. Mistakes also happen in the workplace, as leaders we should allow mistakes and this is why.

Before I continue, not all mistakes are acceptable. For example, when it comes to…

Have you met managers or people who are great technically? However, they are not leaders?

You may have met managers within a business or met colleagues who were promoted into leadership roles. You may know them as great technical people and have great knowledge, however, they are lacking in the leadership department. Sometimes these managers are placed into roles because someone left or there was no one else available. Whilst it can be a great fix in the moment, in the long term it might not be the right solution.

There is not doubt there are some great leaders with…

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